York Business Against Crime (YBAC) is the new Business Crime Partnership for York.  It replaces Retailers Against Crime in York (RACY).


Business Crime Reduction Partnerships bring together members of the business community and other agencies, such as the police, community safety partnerships and local authorities, to work together with the aim of reducing crime against business. 


YBAC is a not for profit organisation which is overseen and managed by an elected Board of Management made up of retailers and other individuals with an interest in reducing crime against business in the city. 


The Board is also supported by a multi-agency steering group.  Membership of the steering group includes:  North Yorkshire Police, Safer York Partnership, City of York Council, retailers, security organisations, licensees and the Storenet/Nightsafe radio provider amongst others.


The role of the Steering Group is to advise the Board to ensure YBAC meets the requirements of its members.  The Board meets on a monthly basis and the Steering Group meets on a quarterly basis.


Both the Board and the Steering Group are provided with administrative support by Safer York Partnership, the Community Safety Partnership for the city.




What if I only want to sign up to certain elements of the package, i.e. radio only?

It is possible to choose the Radio only or SentrySIS only options - see 'Member Package' for details.


What if I don’t have a computer in store to access Sentrysis?

For those retailers who do not have access to a computer on site, the intranet system can be accessed by staff members’ personal devices/computers. Photographs can be printed off and can be displayed in a secure area in store, following the terms of the YBAC Data Integrity Agreement which all Sentrysis users must read and agree to before accessing the system for the first time. All photographs are marked with an originators code and a record held on the system of which user printed images and when.


How do I join?

In order to become a member of YBAC you need to complete a membership form. Please post your completed membership form to: York Business Against Crime, c/o Safer York Partnership, City of York Council, FREEPOST RTHH-JASA-JGAH, 2nd Floor, West Offices, Station Rise, York,YO1 6GA Or you can email it to ybac.coord@outlook.com