You can download your membership pack that highlights the benefits and advantages of joing YBAC by clicking here

Subscription Fee

Retailers become members of YBAC by paying a weekly subscription fee of :

  • YBAC + Apex + SentrySIS  = £8.33 (£10 inc vat)


  • YBAC + Apex                        = £6.67 (£8 inc vat)


  • YBAC + SentrySIS               = £6.67 (£8 inc vat)
per week, and in return receive the relevant elements below.


Membership Package.


  • A digital Storenet radio provided by APEX Radio Systems Ltd. The Storenet radio is also carried by North Yorkshire Police, the City of York Council CCTV Control Room and other partner agencies. Evening venues also access the radio system via the Nightsafe radio carried by pubs, clubs, restaurants and door staff. Both radio systems use the same channel to allow for communication between day time and evening venues. This is particularly important as there are times, such as the early evening or on race days, when shops and licensed premises operate at the same time and communication between them can be useful.



  • Access to a new business crime intranet system provided by Sentrysis which allows for timely information sharing of images of those who commit crime and anti-social behaviour affecting retailers. The Sentrysis system is also used by North Yorkshire Police Intelligence Unit and Safer Neighbourhood Officers. The system can be accessed by computer, tablet or smart phone.



  • Membership of the YBAC Exclusion Orders scheme, barring persistent and prolific offenders from entering YBAC member stores.
  • Invitation to monthly retailer intelligence briefings led by North Yorkshire Police.
  • Training opportunities – on aspects of retail crime prevention and use of the SentrySIS system.
  • Access to regional intelligence. North Yorkshire Police will use the SentrySIS system to update YBAC members on any relevant regional intelligence they receive. This is likely to include those offenders who live outside the York boundary but the police feel would be a risk to retailers in York. YBAC is keen to develop stronger links with other business crime partnerships in Yorkshire and beyond to improve the sharing of such intelligence.
  • The support of a dedicated co-ordinator.